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We are a team of highly qualified professionals with years of experience in Additive Manufacturing.

At IDDO we have a multi-disciplinary team made up of metallurgy specialists, engineers from various disciplines, consultants, trainers and certification and quality managerswho are ready to meet your Additive Manufacturing requirements.
Our team specialises in metallurgical processes withextensive experience in numerous Additive Manufacturing technologies (SLM, LMD, WAAM). We assist you in a neutral and impartial way, recommending the technological solution (materials, machinery, post-processing, design, etc.) that is most suited to your real needs.



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Increased competitiveness

We increase your competitiveness by implementing Additive Manufacturing efficiently and effectively.


360° assistance

We assist you throughout the entire process, from commissioning up until Additive Manufacturing has been completely integrated into your production processes.



Our team of professionals will advise you on available funding resources and on those that best suit your requirements.



We have professional consultants with significant experience in various AM technologies, specialised engineering and industrial knowledge



We train from technicians to engineers in a specialised and customised way to achieve top results.